Beach Etiquette

For a great beach experience please observe our “beach etiquette”.

While driving –

  • Watch for pedestrian, (watch for young children who might run in front of your vehicle).

  • Respect the 10mph speed limit.

  • Yield for pedestrian.

  • Drive only in designated driving lanes.

  • Park only in designated parking area.

  • Use extreme caution while parking or backing up.

  • Don’t play your stereo to loud

While at the beach –

  • Don’t sunbath within or close to traffic lanes

  • Watch your children – don’t allow them to play in traffic lanes or near traffic.

  • Supervise your children at all times.

  • Always swim near a lifeguard .

  • Please keep it reasonably quiet, do not play loud boom boxes.

  • Do Not Litter use trash bin: the beach can be breezy, keep trash from blowing away.

  • Plastic or Paper Only: No glass items should be at the beach.

  • Play Away from Sun Bathers: when playing Frisbee, ball, or games do so in areas where sand will not be kicked onto others.

  • Don’t drink alcohol while on the beach (Drinking alcohol is prohibited by laws)

  • Clean Up: your spot should be left clean when you leave the beach.